Ralfs Eilands


Ralfs Eilands (25 years old) is a self-thaught Latvian musician, music producer, composer, TV & radio show host, entertainer and actor. With his band PeR Ralfs has performed in the biggest festivals of the Baltic states and had many succesful performances all around Europe. With PeR, Ralfs represented Latvia at the Eurovision song contest in 2013. Later on, Ralfs has been the member of Latvia’s and Lithuania’s international Eurovision jury.

As a solo artist Ralfs has worked numerous times with Raimonds Pauls, and composed music for TV shows, movies and other musicians. In 2014 Ralfs won the TV show Izklausies Redzēts in Latvia and became one of the most admired artists in his country. Now you can see Ralfs in Andrejs Ekis new movie Blēži (Swindlers) in cinemas around Latvia.

Ralfs has met HH the 14th Dalai Lama. Currently the young artist is working with Latvian Radio bigband and writes his own musical (writing script and music) with Latvian stand-up comedian and TV show host Jānis Skutelis and publicist, book author Nils Sakss.

Golden Stag trivia…

1.      How and when did you discover your passion for music?

I fell in love with music when I was about 6 years old, when my father bought me an Eminem CD, which I could listen to in the car. At that time the means of playing music were limited to CDs and cassette tapes, depending on what kind of car you had. I was fortunate enough to have both a CD player in the car and a cassette player/boombox at home. At home I copied all of my father's music albums from CDs to cassette tapes. During that process I really fell in love with music.

2.      Define your musical style in one phrase.

My own genre of music is everything that is without borders or limits.

3.      Favorite musicians…

I do not have any favorite musicians. I listen to everything. If you have a favorite musician - you will get stuck in the notes on the page.

4.      What do you prefer to read/ eat/do in your spare time.

I read everything. Starting with comics up to religious literature, the ideas of which I tend to not agree with.

5.      If not a singer, then you would be a ...

If I were not a musician - I would be a writer, as I have already written many screenplays and I still do.

6.      How do you define happiness?

Happiness is being content at the end of the day with everything that happened to you and with everything you did that day.

7.      Your motto for this Festival.

You have already won.

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