Conditions of participation at the international interpretation contest, according the Festival Regulation.

1. The registrations are made on the official site: (

2. The competitors must be aged between 16 and 36 years old.

3. There can be registered singers only, accompanied on stage by 3 people at most (dancers and/or backing vocals)

4. The competitors within this Contest shall register for the selection with two songs from their own repertoire, and the jury members of the selection will choose the song that the competitor will perform to perform in case he/she will be selected.

5. The subscribed songs must not exceed 4 minutes, and the instrumentals of the song must not contain doubles of the main melodic line (vocal or instrumental).

6. The songs chosen by the selection jury from the repertoire of the artists can be performed in any language, the participants who will be selected are to decide on this matter. The artists will perform within the contest, besides the selected song from their own repertoire, a song from the Romanian repertoire in Romanian. Each competitor will chose the song from a list put at his/her disposal by the Organizer, accompanied by the Festival’s orchestra. Within 24 hours of the announcement of the result of the Selection, each competitor must send, at, the name of the piece from the Romanian repertoire he wishes to perform in the contest.

7. The contest will take place in voice and half playback formula for the song they will perform from their own repertoire and in full live formula (vocal and instrumental) for the song from the Romanian repertoire.

The organizer covers the local and international transport to/ from the venue, the accommodation and the meal of the participants, from case to case, under the conditions agreed in the civil agreements concluded with them.

For the registration in the Selection, the artists have to provide the organizers the following:

• Two audio files containing two songs from the personal repertoire, in MP3 format

• Video containing a live performance with one of the two songs already uploaded. The film must be a one shot video, full shot with the sound from the front mic (any musical arrangement is admissible: acappella, unplugged, full instrumental etc)

• The lyrics of the songs, in doc format (maximum 1MB)

• Two photos of 300 dpi (maximum 2 MB)

• Biography/presentation text, which should contain the links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube accounts, personal sites, etc in.doc format (maximum 1MB)

• A profile video in MP4 format, codec H264 (maximum 250 MB)

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