Florin Răduță


Florin Răduță, born on 14th May 1994 in Târgoviște, is an independent artist which, after several attempts to Romanian music contests, has become famous with the X Factor 2015 audition. He sang James Brown’s hit It's A Man's World, and impressed the jury: „I’m KO. When you started to sing it was like a train hitting me, that’s how you sang”, said Ştefan Bănică. „You were a shock to me, I never thought that a man could sing that high. I never heard. I know it’s very hard to touch that pitch note. You don’t have to do anything else in your life except singing. Full stop”, added Delia, while Horia Brenciu said: „I have an extended experience in studying Romanian voices, but I never heard a voice like yours”. After the audition that gathered more than 3 million views on Youtube and became viral in social media, Facebook and Instagram, Florin was called "The Golden Boy" and "The Uncut Diamond". His life has changed completely and, under mentoring of Ştefan Banică, he won the 2015 edition of X Factor contest.

On July 4, 2016, he was invited to the annual reception dedicated to the Independence Day of America and played impeccably the hymns of the two countries in front of 5000 people and all national televisions, standing next to the President of Romania and the US Ambassador.

In November 2016, less than a year after X Factor, he launched his debut song Mă minți pe față, with a videoclip filmed in Cheile Dobrogei, under the direction of Alex Ceaușu. The song gathered 500.000 views in one week. In June 2017 the second single appeared, Cheamă-mă, which was seen by 250.000 users on Youtube, in just two days. The third project came to life in September 2018 - Goi, a self-penned composition, and the fourth in March 2019 - Aleargă, also a personal creation.

The Golden Stag trivia...

1. How and when did you discover your passion for music?

I wanted to make music since I was young, because I knew that’s my purpose. But I've been working on it since I was 14 years old. I was the boy who dreamed BIG, the boy who did not study music, because he came from a modest family. I remember repeating 7-8 hours in front of the computer, day after day and all I learned, I learned alone. It didn’t matter if someone believed in me or not, and it was not important whenever I failed, I knew it was worth it. And, finally, it seems that everything is happening for a reason. Music has been and remained the only thing that really feeds me.

2. Define your musical style in one phrase.

I can’t define anything, I think people can define that. For me, the most important thing is that they can find themselves in what I sing and get what they need: "goosebumps".

3. Favorite musicians.

Whitney Houston, Jessie J, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, David Bisbal, Le’Andria Johnson.

4. What do you prefer to read / eat/do in your spare time.

I like Irina Binder’s books, her words are going straight to my heart, also I am a professional eater of sarmale (minced meat in cabbage rolls), and I try to spend time with my family and to rest.

5. If not a singer, then you would be a ...

If not a singer, I would certainly be in the music industry, as a manager, canto teacher, or owner of a label where the talented people will be prioritized.

6. How do you define happiness?

Happiness = God, family and music

7. Your motto for this Festival.

Everything is happening at the right moment.

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