Eliza G (real name Elisa Gaiotto) is an Italian singer and composer, well-known in the international urban/pop scene, in particular in Latin America and Europe.

Since 2009, the year of her first release Summer lie on DWA Records, she performed in Spain, Switzerland, UK, France, Monte Carlo, Egypt and her many releases had a remarkable success in Italy, Greece, Canada, South Korea, Philippines, Brazil and Chile. Her second successful single was Love is unbound. In 2012 she performed My love is love, unreleased track of the Maestro Giancarlo Bigazzi, at his memorial concert in Tuscany, together with Andrea Bocelli, Marco Masini, Aleandro Baldi and other famous Italian Artists.

Eliza G’s The way, mixed and arranged in David Guetta’s studio in Paris, has been top seller in Europe, with over 10.000 copies in pre-sale. The official video has reached over 2 million views. Ladies nite, a fresh pop tune featuring the reggae star Lion D has been released in 2015 on Sony Music Latin America.

Hello, hello (2015) has been released on Sony Music in two versions - English and Spanish – and has received a remarkable success in Spain. Right after, in 2016, Eliza G released Don’t be afraid (Sony Music Latin America); in 2017, Let me love you became the sountrack of the environmental campaign for Save Posidonia Project.

In 2018 she presented Ninety, a 10-track album that includes cover songs for the most popular hits from Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, TLC, Destiny's Child, The Cardigans, No Doubt and others, and proposes unusual arrangements with electronic pop, swing, bossa nova, samba, rock, reggae and acoustic notes. Eliza G performed the album in preview in Spain, Italy, Egypt, Switzerland and UK and then it has been officially released on April 2019.

She recently performed in the TV contest The Voice Italy, at the end of April 2019, and she got until the semi-final, where she sang the unreleased song Altro che favole, her first single in Italian, released by Universal Music Italy.

Also, the artist has taken part in eight tours in Brazil where she performed in famous clubs and festivals, singing on the main radio and TV stations.

Golden Stag trivia...

1. How and when did you discover your passion for music?

Since childhood, music has had a special place in my life. I didn’t grow up in a family of musicians, but at seven I told my parents I want to have piano lessons. And that’s where all it started, first some piano, then singing, the greatest love of my life: at 14 I started to sing with bands, experimenting rock, pop, funky, soul, acoustic and performing almost everywhere, from pubs and bars, to beer festivals and meanwhile writing original songs with my musicians. In 2009 I became a solo singer and in the last 10 years I released many singles that brought me from Brazil, to UK, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt and France. Music is truly a passion, a lifestyle, an attitude and I had the great chance to discover it.

2. Define your musical style in one phrase.

I am a pop, electro-rock and acoustic addicted. That’s my style.

3. Favorite musicians.

I love listening to voices that cut me open in two and take my heart: George Michael, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Sting... and I can tell a million mor). I listen to a lot of different genres, one of my favorite bands is Metallica, but I adore Michael Bublé too. All music is inspiring!

4. What do you prefer to read / eat/do in your spare time?

I love movies and going to the cinema when I have some free time. I love my bicycle. Walking, dancing and working out is a good way to relieve stress and tiredness.

5. If not a singer, then you would be a …

Traveler! I would have a travel agency or I would be a tourist guide or something that would involve traveling the world and being always on the road!

6. How do you define happiness?

Everything that makes you get up with a smile in the morning. Being free to choose what to do and to be what you want to be. Freedom and free will are invaluable.

7. Your motto for this Festival.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” (Proust)

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