Dear colleagues,

Accreditations for the Golden Stag International Contest, to be held between August 29-Sepember 2, 2018, in Piata Sfatului, Brasov are now open. Those who wish to be present to this year’s contest are kindly required to send their request for accreditation at the following email address:, until 17.o8.2018, at 15.00 hrs.
As it is the case with all such big events and in order to ensure a smooth cooperation between us, please comply with the Accreditation Regulations, to be found below on this page.

• The accredited journalists will award a prize to their favourite singer

One of the nine prizes, which will be offered by the organisers to the winners of this year’s edition of the International Music Contest „The Golden Stag” will be awarded on behalf of the a journalists accredited to the event.
They will choose their favourite singer, by voting on a special area on the festival website, after the last performance of the second day of the contest (31 August 2018) and the winner will be awarded the Festival Press Prize.

Have a good day and we are waiting for your messages !

Rules for the accreditation of the journalists at the at the International Music Festival „Golden Stag” 2018

– From a mass-media institution (publication, radio or television) there can be accredited two people at most (editor/reporter and a photo reporter or cameraman). The accreditations will be given considering the order of the registrations.

– Romanian Television assures a place at the shows only for the accredited editors/reporters, in the limit of the available places. The photo reporters will not have assured places in the market. The cameramen will not have access in the arena during the show.

In order to take over and broadcast images from the festival, each television will address a written request tgo Romanian Television at the following e-mail address, until the latest of August 17th 2018.

– The photo reporters must respect the indications of the organisers. They will not use the blitz and will not stay in areas that would affect the TV broadcast and the visibility of the spectators. The photo reporters who will not obey the rules will be invited to leave the square.

– The requests in order to get the accreditations will be done online only at the-mail address starting with July 23rd 2018.

All the requested pieces of information are mandatory.

  • Name and first name
  • Publication
  • Photo
  • Job title

– The Accreditations will be taken from the Press Centre of the Festival (Brasov), starting with August 28th 2018.

 There will not be made any accreditations at the Press Centre of the Festival (Brasov)

– TVR reserves its right to refuse the accreditation of those people/institutions which are not in the profile of the event itself.

 The deadline for sending the accreditation requests is until August 17th 2018, at 15.00 hrs.