International Festival
“GOLDEN STAG”, Braşov, Romania


1. I have read the Regulations of the Festival and undertake to comply with its requirements;

2. I hold all the rights over the materials provided to the organizer of the Festival (photo, videos, other presentation films, etc.);

3. I assign, on a non-exclusive basis, for the entire period of the legal protection as stipulated by the Romanian law, for the territory of Romania and worldwide, the right of use of the materials sent to the organizer, through any method or means, including via television, radio, internet, mobile phones, satellite, video streaming, etc., for the purpose of promoting the songs and the Festival;

4. I agree for my performance during the contest to be part of a possible compilation used to promote the Festival;

5. I agree for the materials sent to the organizer for the enrollment in the Festival not to be returned to me;

6. I agree that my performance during the Festival is without any payment incurred to the organizer;

7. I understand that, should I be selected for participation, my failure to arrive for the performance during the Festival brings about the obligation for me to pay damages, proportional to the organization expenses paid by the organizer, that I undertake to reimburse;

8. I shall take part in all rehearsals, press conferences and other official parts of the Festival.

9. I have been informed by the organizer that the following data will be collected as far as I am concerned: name, surname, address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, identity card, passport, information on the manager, composer, lyrics writer, producer, holders of rights and that such data will be processed only for the purpose of organizing and carrying out the Festival. I agree with such processing.”