Festival Contest «GOLDEN STAG»
Braşov, Romania.



1. Societatea Română de Televiziune (SRTv) (Romanian Television), hereinafter called Organizer, has appointed the Management Team of the festival-contest GOLDEN STAG, hereinafter called the Festival, in order to organize the 2018 edition under the conditions of these regulations, in compliance with the other internal rules and with the relevant legislation.
2. The Management Team shall coordinate the activity of the SRTv departments in charge and shall make all the required efforts to prepare and carry out the Festival, using both internal and extra-organizational resources within the allocated budget, based on the agreements signed with entities such as, without limitation, suppliers, service providers, artists and/or their agents, show and event organizers, partners and sponsors.
3. The Festival, in all its pre-production and production phases is a project dedicated to the non-commercial audio-visual use, on any existing or future media, throughout the legal protection period of the copyright and related rights of the participating creators and performers, hereinafter called Participants, as, without limitation, contestants, guests, members of the juries, presenters.


1. In 2018 the festival will take place in Braşov, Piaţa Sfatului (Sfatului Square), between August 29- September 2, 2018 and will have the following structure:
a. August 29 – ANNIVERSARY GALA “Golden Stag 50 years: 1968-2018”
c. September 1: – FESTIVAL GALA
d. September 2: – CENTENARY GALA
e. Adjacent festival events, organized before/during and/or immediately after the programmes under points a)- d). e.g.: Braşov’s Concert – September 3, etc.

2. ANNIVERSARY GALA: illustrated with moments from the SRTv golden archive, will bring on stage Romanian performers, winners of prizes during the previous editions, as well as foreign performers, including single performances, as well as recital and mini-recital respectively.
3. THE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMING CONTEST, hereinafter called the Contest: it is the competitive component of the festival and is conditioned upon the enrolment of the participants during the period indicated on the webpage cerbuldeaur.ro / golden-stag.ro under the dedicated section, hereinafter called the competition calendar, with the relevant public communication, being structured in two phases:
a. Phase I.: selection – as per the competition calendar,
b. Phase a II-a: finals – August 30, 31, 2018.
4. FESTIVAL GALA: is the contestants prize awarding show, with diplomas and, as a case may be, a trophy or plaques. The prizes will have a cumulated value of EUR 65,000 euro and the ceremony will have the following structure:
a. Awarding of the special prizes: Prize for the best performance of a Romanian song; Prize of Brașov; Prize of the Audience, Prize of the Festival Press and Prize of the Romanian Radio and Television Companies – with the related rewards in cash, having a cumulated value of EUR 10,000;
b. Awarding the prizes of the festival (3rd, 2nd and 1st) – with the reward in cash, having a cumulated value of EUR 30,000, as follows:
i. 3rd prize – EUR 5,000
ii. 2nd prize – EUR 10,000
iii. 1st prize – EUR 15,000;
c. Awarding the “Golden Stag” trophy – with the related cash reward having a cumulated value of EUR 25,000;
d. The awarding of the prizes mentioned under points a.-c. may be preceded/interrupted by recitals/mini-recitals of the artists invited in the Festival and will be follows by a final concert.
5. CENTENARY GALA: aims at combining the meaning of the anniversary edition of the Festival with the major moment, of national importance, related to the celebration of the Centenary. It also wishes to bring together Romanian traditional folk music stars and performers who have revived this musical genre.


1. The prizes in cash will be paid to the winners by bank transfer, within maximum 30 calendar days after the Festival Gala, having deducted the related taxes withheld according to the legislation in force.
2. The nominal amount of the Special Prizes mentioned under chapter II, point 4, letter a) is established by the jury after consultations with the Organizer, the opinion of the President of the Jury being final.
3. The Participants to the Festival warrant they hold and assign non-exclusively to the Organizer the patrimonial copyright and related rights related to the instrumental and acoustic versions of the songs to be presented in the contest, as well as on the video, supporting, audio-visual adaptation, radio broadcasting materials (included in the Festival, live and/or recorded), re-broadcast, public communication materials, including by making them available to the public (TV, radio, internet, mobile phones, video streaming etc.), reproduction (included Festival) and distribution (e.g. on possible CD/DVD compilations promoting the festival), in Romania and abroad, for a maximum legal protection period and for an unlimited number of uses.
4. Costumes are the responsibility of the Participants. The stage outfit must be adequate for the live transmissions of the SRTv channels.
5. The costs of the instrumental versions of the songs performed, for the musical arrangements, studio recordings, including the technical support, shall be fully paid by the Participants.
6. The Organizer is in charge with the internal and international transport to/from the place where the festival takes place, with the accommodation and meals of the Participants, as the case may be, under the conditions stipulated in the agreements signed with: guests, contestants, presenters, members of the jury or their representatives.
7. The collection and processing of the personal data, such as: name, surname, address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, identity card, passport details, information on the manager, composer, writer of the lyrics, arranger, producer, holders of rights, will take place exclusively for the purpose of organizing and carrying out the Festival.
8. The personal data, the documents and records related to the participation to the Festival will be destroyed at the end of the legal term.


1. Performers aged 16-36 can participate to the Contest, with a song in their respective repertoire, whose duration may not exceed 4 minutes and whose instrumental version cannot contain dubbing (vocal or instrumental) of the main melodic line.
2. Only soloists can enrol for the performing Contest, seconded by as many as 3 persons on stage (dancers and/or backing vocals).
3. The Participants to the Contest shall enrol for selection by submitting two songs in their repertoire, the selection jury choosing the song to be performed by the selected Participant, hereinafter called Contestant.
4. The song enrolled may be performed in any language, at the choice of the Participant.
5. The Contestant will also present in the Contest, together with the song selected in his/her repertoire, a Romanian song, performed in the Romanian language, at the choice of the Contestant, out of the list provided by the Organizer, accompanied by the Festival orchestra. In order to choose the song in the Romanian repertoire, see the dedicated section of the Festival’s website. All the additional information required for the preparation of the Contest will be provided to the Participants upon request.
6. The Contest takes place in the voice and instrumental recorded formula for the song in the repertoire of the Contestant and in the full live (vocal and instrumental) formula for the song in the Romanian repertoire.
7. Only the contestants complying with all the conditions required in the regulation will be accepted, any of the reasons below being a cause of elimination for the selection:
a. Non-compliance with the Contestants age requirement: between 16 and 36 complete years of age as of the date of enrolment in the contest;
b. Non-compliance with the format and/or of the resolution indicated by the Organizer in the case of the instrumental and/or acoustic recorded versions;
c. Identification of the dubbing (vocal or instrumental) of the main melodic line in the instrumental recorded version;
d. Exceeding the 4 minute duration (at most) for the songs in the Contestants’ repertoire;
e. Enrolment of winners of the “Golden Stag” trophy in the Contest.
8. The withdrawal of the selected Participant has to be notified by e-mail sent to cerbuldeaur@tvr.ro within 24 hours after the notification of each selected participant and finalist respectively, at the latest.
9. The enrolment shall be completed via the cerbuldeaur.ro or golden-stag.ro website, which contains both the documents in the annexes to these regulations: Annex no. 1 – Enrolment form (Registration form) and Annex no. 2 – Agreement for the participation to the contest (Consent), as well as the information requested to be submitted, as follows:
a. The enrolment form and the agreement for the participation to the Contest, containing also the consent for SRTv collecting and processing personal data;
b. At least two songs, with a playlist containing data on the holders of copyrights/related rights whose creations and performances are to be found on the support (composer, writer of the lyrics, arranger, producer, performer, instrument players, dancers, etc.);
c. Lyrics of the songs;
d. Presentation materials: biography, photos (JPEG 300dpi), video, films or other representative materials;
e. Any other information according to the data supplied in the enrolment page of the website.


1. The Contest will be judged based on the vocal and performing skills, by the selection jury and/or the international jury. The Organizer appoints at most 7 members (composers, musicologists, singers, lyrics writers, makers/producers of radio and/or TV entertainment shows, specialized journalists, radio and/or TV music editors, etc.), distinctly for each jury. There will be a President both for the Selection Jury and for the International Jury.
2. In both phases of the context, each member of the jury gives notes for the artistic performance of the singer, from 1 to 10, included. Notes will be given in full units and 50% of a unit (e.g. 1.50-2.50…9.50, etc.), one note for each of the performances (the songs in the Contestant’s repertoire and the song in the Romanian repertoire, respectively).
3. The final result of the performer is the arithmetic mean of the notes given, even in the situation when, for objective reasons, a member of the jury does not give a note to a performer.
4. In case of a tie, the performers separating criterion is the highest number of notes closest to the maximum note, i.e. 10.
5. In the first phase, the Selection Jury will select maximum 18 Contestants out of the total Participants enrolled in the Contest, as follows:
a. From each country from which participants have enrolled, against the nationality declared according to the identity document mentioned in the enrolment form, maximum two Contestants may be selected, with the exception of the host country, with maximum three contestants selected;
b. Of the two songs enrolled, in the repertoire of the participant to the contest, only one song can be selected;
c. In the case of the withdrawal or elimination of a selected interpreter, the Organizer shall notify the next highest participants, in compliance with all the principles mentioned under letters a) – b).
6. The result of the selection will be communicated on the website of the Festival, under the section competition calendar.
7. The order of the entry on stage during the final competition will be established by drawing lots and communicated by the Organizer.
8. In the second phase, the International Jury establishes the ranking of the Contest for each category of prizes. The special prizes are awarded after consultations with the representatives of the authorities and of the two public media organizations, the opinion of the President of the Jury being final and binding. An exception is the Prize of the Audience and the Prize of the Festival Press, for which the rankings are established as follows:
a. For the Prize of the Audience:
i. The audience and the viewers may vote through a single and transparent system, which provides a real-time image. It is accessible from a smartphone or from a laptop/desktop. The vote takes place via an existing Facebook user profile (through a POLL published on the Facebook official page of the Festival), which does not require additional actions from the users;
ii. The organizer ensures the presence of buttons/banners on al websites of the Romanian Television, linking to the POLL.
b. For the Prize the Festival Press:
i. The accredited journalists establish a ranking of the preferences 3-2-1. The 1st place receives 3 points, the 2nd place receives 2 points and the 3rd place receives one point;
ii. The votes are cast on the website cerbuldeaur.ro / golden-stag.ro, in a specially dedicated section.
iii. In the centralized rankings, the contestants who do not appear on top receive 0 points.
c. The start of the voting for both categories is given by the Presenters after the last performance in the second evening of the Contest (August 31, 2018), only the votes cast until the end of the recital/concert that evening being taken into consideration .
d. The ranking of the international performing contest will be communicated on the dedicated website of the festival, under the section competition calendar.


1. The members of the selection jury and respectively of the international jury shall certify under their signature the report of the jury and the documents related to the judgement.
2. The creators and performance participating as (without limitation) contestants, guests, members of the juries, presenters, have the right and obligation to observe the Regulations and schedule of the Festival, according to the provisions of the agreement signed, as well as:
a) to give priority to the activities in the schedule of the Festival against any other activities;
b) to ask for the support of the Organizer for any collaboration with media institutions, bodies and organizations, irrespective of their means and/or forms of communication;
c) to participate in the promotional actions of the organizers – press conferences, interviews, photo and autograph sessions.
3. The Participants to the contest and, respectively, the contestants have the right to raise objections as concerns the compliance with the judgement procedure in both phases of the contest. The objections may be sent to the e-mail address cerbuldeaur@tvr.ro as follows:
a) 24 hours after the publication of the results of the selection at the latest;
b) until 11:00 h. on September 1, 2018.
4. The objections shall be settled by the Management Team of the Festival, as follows:
a) for the selection phase – within 24 hours
b) for the final phase – within 2 hours
after the expiry of the term for raising objections, as indicated on the website of the Festival, under the section contest calendar, the result being communicated as soon as practicable to the parties having raised the objections.
5. The Participants have the right to get involved in the events adjacent to the Festival and may benefit from the facilities organized for each such event, under the conditions indicated by the Organizer in the dedicated section of the website.
6. The Participants have the right to benefit from the technical capacities of the stage, under the negotiated contractual conditions. For the performances scheduled in the contest, the Organizer undertakes to create adequate graphic elements.
7. The Organizer is entitled to sanction the non-observance of the Festival Regulations and schedule, and/or of the commitments undertaken, according to the clauses in the agreements signed with the participants, including by requesting damages proportional to the organization expenses.
9. In order to promote the festival, the Organizer has the right to reproduce and distribute or sell any audio or video edited or non-edited versions of the Festival and/or of the materials supplied by the Participant, in Romania and abroad, for an unlimited period and number of uses, as consented by the holders of the related rights.
10. The Organizer has the right to modify and complete these Regulations on solid grounds, with the correlated obligation to notify the Participants of such amendments, through the website of the Festival.