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Irina Rimes

August 23

Irina Rimes confesses that she has always dreamt to perform at the Golden Stag. „I always wanted to sing within this contest. But life has arranged it even more beautiful for me... to come and make a performance of my own. We promise an original, interesting and inspired show.

Irina Rimes is the only Romanian artist who has launched a unique project: the first musical trilogy. „Iubiri secrete - Secret love” is written from the bottom of the heart and had its inspiration source from the personal experiences of the artist herself.

She has written hits for artists such as: INNA, Andra, Antonia, Alina Eremia, DJ Sava or Raluka.

Irina has also launched her first visual album in Romania, „Despre El” – “About him”, followed by an album-book „Cosmos”, illustrated with original poetry and fully sold out only a few days after its release.

She is a jury member at „Vocea României” – “Romania's Got Talent“, which has reached its second season. Irina Rimes has conquered radio and TV tops, even from the release on the musical market.

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Irina Rimes

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