Great artists from Romania and from abroad will be part of the jury of the Golden Stag Festival 2019

Loredana, Vasile Şirli – the Romanian who has composed for 28 years the original music for Disneyland Paris, the famous Ricky Dandel, the French-Belgian Victor Laszlo and the Italian songwriter, Erminio Sinni, are the jury members who will decide the winners of the International Golden Stag Festival 2019.

  • The winners of the 19th edition will be designated by an international jury
  • The Jury of the Festival will decide the winners of the awards in a total amount of 55 thousand Euro

Loredana, one of the strongest brands of the Romanian show-biz, with a career of a quarter of century who has released tens of hits, will be this year at the Golden Stag, in a new circumstance. If until this moment we have been used to seeing her as a host or in performances which have raised the public to its feet, the artistic energy will have a seat this time on the jury chair. „I have a long and beautiful history together with the Golden Stag. I have been on the stage from Brasov many times along the years, in performances or as a host. I have never been part of the jury before, so I was very happy to receive this invitation, especially that I will be colleague with Ricky Dandel again. As you know, we have hosted together the Festival in 1996”, has Lori witnessed.

(w640) Loredana G

He lives in Paris and for almost 30 years, he has been the musical director of Disneyland Paris! He has composed the music for many beautiful songs, such as „Neîmplinitele iubiri” interpreted by Mirabela Dauer, for television, films and shows, directed by Lucian Pintilie, Stere Gulea, Mircea Daneliuc, Dan Micu, Gabor Tompa etc. Now, Vasile Şirli joins the jury of the Golden Stag 2019! „I am part of the generation who has dreamed with the Golden Stag and who was very enthusiastic about it. My emotions are still alive; I remember how excited I was in waiting its first editions. I have watched its evolution along the years and I am happy that this Festival still means a lot for the Romanian public”, says the composer. „This year’s edition seems to be full of events, a moment of joy both for the artists and for the public.  This time I will enjoy this as a jury guest. I am honoured. Thank you!” has Vasile Şirli concluded.

(w640) Vasili Și

Ricky Dandel’s name is strongly related to the Golden Stag. He was the host of 5 editions and featured two performances on the stage from, Brasov, in 1992 and in 1993, but he is for the first time part of the jury. „This year, I have the pleasure to watch the stage and the evolution of the competitors from a different perspective, the one of a jury member. I am sure I will be overwhelmed by the same emotion I have lived years ago.” has Ricky confessed. „I will do my best, together with my other colleagues, to judge the competitors in the most objective possible manner, but pay attention: the art cannot be mathematically quantified. Sometimes, the heart feels vibrations which our ears fail to perceive. The singer transmits a feeling to the viewer and receives a positive feedback as a reward for his candour. I hope the participants will meet the expectations of the public and will give a special glow to this year’s edition. I wish them good luck from the bottom of my heart,” has Ricky Dandel added.

(w640) Ricky Dand

The fourth member of the jury, the French-Belgian artist Viktor Lazlo is well-known to the public, especially with the well-known hit Breathless, released in 1987, when she was also the host of the Final of Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Bruxelles. „I accepted the invitation to be part of the jury of the Golden Stag with great enthusiasm and lots of expectations. I am anxious to discover new artists, from different countries, but most of all, I am eager to meet the competitors of this edition, who will be the artists of tomorrow,” has Viktor declared. She is a complete artist, with a successful career, both in music and literary fields. She has released more than 15 albums in more than 30 countries, had numerous duets, 5 golden disks, more than 25 movies, including Italian, German and Spanish productions, she wrote several books, but she was also fond of musical and acting - it is just a short summary of the artists’ career who eagerly waits to meet the public and the competitors of the Festival in Braşov.

(oar_w460) Viktor Laz

After representing our country at the Eurovision and after participating at the 2018 National Selection, reaching the final, Erminio Sinni comes back in Romania as a jury member of the Golden Stag. „For me, the quality represents the moment when music offers emotions or energy. If it transmits both elements at once, this is Art!” says the Italian artist, who will be this year one of the jury members.

(w640) Erminio Si

These are the 5 artists who will watch the evolution of the 12 finalists of the international interpretation contest and who will decide the winners of the awards which are in a total amount of more than 55,000 Euro.

The 19th edition of the Festival will take place in the period 22 – 25 August, and will bring numerous artists on the stage from Piața Sfatului, the first names being already announced: Ştefan Bănică jr and Irina Rimes But these will not be the only performances and special musical moments of the festival. The organisers are promising that we will see on stage other loved artists from Romania and from abroad on stage of the Festival.

For this year’s finalists, TVR has prepared a format with 2 days of contest, an award Ceremony and other related events.

In the end of the show we will have the chance to see a folk show which will reunite the Romanian traditional folk music and a modern mix of this musical genre

The organisers have put on sale several categories of tickets for the four days of the Festival – Golden Stag Club, VIP, Category 1, Category 2 and Category 3 and subscriptions, with prices starting from 70 de lei. These are available on, and in the network of the partner stores: Vodafone, Telekom, Carrefour, OMV gas stations, and in Cărtureşti, Diverta and Humanitas bookshops. Also, the tickets can be bought from the Eventim ticket offices from Cluj – Iulius Mall and from Bucharest - Cinema PRO. The tickets can be bought with the option of being delivered by courier (companies specialised in delivering packages), they can be picked up from the ticket office, print-at-home (in PDF format) or in e-ticket format (ticket on the mobile phone) with 0 costs.

The event will be broadcast live and exclusively by Romanian Television.

All the information is available on the official site:

About Loredana

Having a 25 years career, Loredana has released tens of hits which have conquered the musical tops. She started singing at the age of 3 and has made her debut in 1986 when she was the winner of the contest „Steaua fără nume- The star with no name”. In the very same year, at the age of 15, she was offered the trophy of the Pop Music Festival in Mamaia. Along her career, Loredana has reached many performances. She received numerous awards: the Golden Disk, MTV Music Awards, Best Female Singer, and the Radio Romania Award. She has collaborated with some of the greatest artists, both from Romania and from abroad and has launched special musical projects. „Agurida” is one of them, and represents a return to the musical origins, reinterpreting in modern rhythms and orchestrations songs such as „Zaraza, vânzătoarea de plăceri”, with interwar sounds, and „Jamparalele”, a unique dance music album inspired from the Balkan area. At the same time, Loredana has staged super concerts and appeared in many cinema and TV productions.

About Vasile Şirli

Well-known composer and Romanian musical producer, Vasile Şirli lives in Paris from 1986. He has dedicated himself to theater, film, dancing and singing and all these have offered him the chance to express in different styles: from pop-rock and jazz, to contemporary music. He has composed music for shows directed by Lucian Pintilie, Stere Gulea, Mircea Daneliuc, Dan Micu, Petrika Ionesco, Gabor Tompa, Matthias Langhoff, Claire Dancoisne, Constantin Chelba, Nicu Stan, Irina Niculescu, Nona Ciobanu, Radu Nica, Vlad Massaci, Aurel Palade, Titus Muntean etc.In France, he composed for film, theatre and television and has produced for the musical industry. He has been the musical director of Disneyland Paris for 28 years for which he composed the original music, he produced and created arrangements for numerous shows.

About Ricky Dandel

He is a singer, vocal, composer, lyric-writer, host, presenter and showman. At the age of 14, Ricky Dandel has decided to be a singer, so he took the Bucharest train. „I have not striven too much; people have looked for me and have given me songs. My grandmother has bought me my first guitar; she was actually my musical sponsor when I was 14." He attended the University of Letters in Sibiu, and, in parallel with the artistic career, he was a teacher at the Brukenthal College. In 1967 he founds beat-rock band Solaris, in Sibiu, and has many tours in Transylvania. He had his television debut with this band in 1968. In 1989 he moved to Germany, where, until 1996 he was a freelance artist and experienced freelancer in marketing, rhetoric and Business English, and in 1997 he became a teacher and head of the department for English and German subjects, in Munich. He participated in Festivals and contests and got many awards. In 1991 he signed a contract with a famous Record Company, BMG Ariola, his first single being one of the first released in Germany on a compact disc (CD). He has released singles in Romania and in Germany.

About Viktor Lazlo

A complete artist, who has started her formation with the study of violin and ballet lessons, studies of foreign languages, history of arts and archaeology at the University in Brussels, a Belgian-French interpreter, with origins in Martinique and Grenada (the Caribbean’s). She is well-known grace to her hit „Breathless”, released in 1987, the same year in which she has hosted the Eurovision Final, which took place in Brussels. She wrote several books, and her first novel called , „La Femme qui Pleure”, released in 2010 together with Albin Michel, was rewarded with Charles Brisset Prize in 2011. Her second album is called „My Name Is Billie Holiday”,and has completed the three parts tribute brought to the legendary artist. Her novel “Les Passagers du Siècle”, published in January 2018 has been adapted for a TV series of 10 episodes. The musical show „Loin de Paname”, created in Paris in 2003, showed her the pleasure in combining both her musical and acting abilities. The musical „Billie Holiday”, staged by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt in Paris, in November 2012, has been nominated for the best musical of the year. At present, Viktor Lazlo is involved in a new show, a tribute brought to the three ladies of Jazz (Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday). Her most recent album, „Woman”, has been released in November 2017. She is proud of more than 15 albums and compilations, sold out in more than 30 countries, 5 Golden discs, international awards, more than 25 movies, including Italian, German and Spanish productions.

About Erminio Sinni

Erminio Sinni has a vast experience in show-biz. Born in 1961, the artists started studying the piano at the age of 12 and at the age of 18 he moved to Rome, in order to follow up a musical career. In 1989, Erminio participated at the Sanremo Festival as a composer of the song "Tutti i cuori sensibili", interpreted by Stefania La Fauci. In 1991, following the invitation of the Ambassador Peter Secchia, the artist sang at the party organised for Frank Sinatra at the American Embassy in Rome. Erminio Sinni returned to the Sanremo Festival in 1993, this time as an interpreter, reaching the fifth position with the song „L'amore vero" and winning Premio Volare for the best music of the event and Premio S.I.L.B for the best lyrics. In 1996 he received the award for the best singer-composer in Premio Mia Martini, and in the period 2002-2006 he was the official musician of the Italian national football team. Erminio Sinni participated in the Eurovision Romania together with Tiziana Camelin, interpreting the song („All The Love Away”) – music and lyrics: Erminio Sinni, Mauro Goldsand, Alessandro Camponeschi and Tiziana Camelin.

About the Golden Stag International Festival

The Golden Stag International Festival had its debut in 1968 and had 18 editions. The last edition has been organised in 2018 and celebrated 50 years from its debut. The event has become the greatest International Music Festival in Romania, being traditionally organised in Brașov city.

Along the years, this impressive festival has hosted performances or recitals of stars such as: Diana Ross, Amália Rodrigues, Julio Iglesias, Dalida, Sheryl Crow, Tom Jones, Juliette Greco, Vaya con Dios, Coolio, Barbara, Christina Aguilera, Cliff Richard, Kenny Rogers, Ricky Martin, Kelly Family, Patricia Kaas, Gilbert Becaud, Josephine Baker, Toto Cutugno, Enrico Macias, Boy George, James Brown, Kenny Rogers, Ray Charles, UB 40, Scorpions, Pink, Sheryl Crow, James Blunt, Amy Macdonald, Nicole Scherzinger and many others.

Considering the quality of its artistic performances, „Golden Stag” is not only a famous brand of TVR, but also a national one. The shows organised within the festival bring together an impressive number of spectators and viewers all throughout the country.

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