August 31 – Golden Stag 2018. Contest & Recitals

This year Horia Brenciu & HB Orchestra will have their second recital at the prestigious Golden Stag Festival, after the first appearance in 2008.

What do Horia Brenciu and Golden Stag Festival have in common? Hometown: Brasov. Anniversary: ​​The Golden Stag celebrates 50 years, while the beloved artist celebrates its 46th anniversary on the festival stage. The Golden Stag is a project of the Romanian Television, which in turn is the place of Horia Brenciu’s professional debut as a TV host, in 1993.

Horia Brenciu debuted at the age of 18, in 1990, in the Apropo band; at that time he was singing at the piano, and only later he began to be a singer. Over the course of his nearly three decades career in music, Horia Brenciu has released ”Un băiat” (1995), ”Totul e simplu!” (2003), ”E vară iar” (2005), ”Noua lună” (2008), ”Fac ce-mi spune inima” (2012), ”Inimă de piatră” (2013) and ”40+plus” (2014). Since 2002 he has performed with HB Orchestra, with whom he has released the album “35”.

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