August 29 – Golden Stag 2018. Anniversary Gala

The famous fado singer Paulo Bragança continues his musical history with a recital on the Golden Stag scene.

The Portuguese Paulo Bragança graduated from the Faculty of Law before devoting himself to music. He is in love with fado and has become famous not only for his interpretative style, with punk accents, but also for his personal style: he wears traditional shirts and sings barefoot.

During his career started in 1992 he released the albums “Amai”, “Notas Sobre A Alma”, “O Mistério do Fado”, “Cativo”, “Lua Semi-Nua”, “Grandes Çoxitos”, “O Melhor De Paulo Bragança”.

He lived in Ireland for 11 years, where he studied and then taught philosophy. During the same period, attracted to our music, he traveled to Romania where he spent three months with a group of rroma people. Since 2017 he has returned back home to Portugal.

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