30 August – Golden Stag 2018. Contest & Recitals

The famous saxophonist Flavius ​​Teodosiu will have the second recital at the Golden Stag Festival, after the one in 2004.

Following the example of his well known saxophonist father, that later embraced the law, Flavius ​​gave up the field tennis for music. Although he learned to play the saxophone when he was a teenager, he managed to enter in the famous Sile Dinicu’s bigband.

Since then, he has gained an impressive portfolio of musical collaborations with Jennifer Rush, Joe Cocker, Lionel Richie, Chris Burgh, Gloria Gaynor, Johnny Logan or Michael Bolton. In some recitals he accompanied her daughter, Linda, also a great singer.

Linda Teodosiu has, at only 27, a fulminant international career. She has collaborated with well-known artists such as Beyonce and Peter Maffay and released the albums “Under Pressure” (2009) and “Full Stop” (2017). Recently she was applauded by thousands of people after singing acapella the German national anthem, in Berlin, at the opening of the European Athletics Championships.

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