Raluca Bejusca


In over two decades of career, Raluca Blejuşca has won prestigious awards and has released hits adored by thousands of people.

From “The City of Angels” she told us the most beautiful and moving thing: “I miss you, Mom.” And when we break up from a dear person, we say with her “I was hoping to be you”, but now, “I lost you” – Angel, aka Raluca.

Raluca Blejuşca (Ciocîrlan) was born in Mangalia on August 27, 1986 and has been singing since childhood.

In 1997 she took part in the Children’s Festival in Onesti, where she won second place, then the first place at “Ba da, ba nu” competition organized by TVR; at the Music Festival – Bucharest and The New Wave Competition, she took the 1st place.

In 1998 she participated in the international festival “Te amo” from Onesti, where she won second place, in 1999 she was ranked third at the international festival Little prince in Bucharest, and in 2000 she was nominated as the best female voice at The Romanian Music Industry Awards and participated in the FIDOF Festival in Cairo, where she won the second place.

In 2001, she returned to Cairo at the International Song Festival with the song “Mama” composed by Cornel Fugaru, and occupied the second place; has also attended the Sunflower Festival – Serbia, with 44 contestants from 22 countries, and Raluca was granted with the Best Singer Award.

In the early 2000s, following the creative proposal of Costi Ionita, she and Monica formed the Angels duo, with which he released the video “My Eyes” and made tours to Russia, Croatia and the United States. The duet break apart in 2002, Raluca keeping the Angel stage name. She was guided in the musical career by Costi Ionita and then by Mirela Voiculescu Fugaru and Cornel Fugaru. She appeared at a Valahia concert and collaborated with this band in several projects.

At the Radio Music Awards, the composer Cornel Fugaru’s “Do not know how to tell” song was considered the best hit released in the summer of 2002; the following year, Raluca got the trophy of the “The Golden Magnolia” festival, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. Also, in 2003 she released the album “The City of Angels”.