Olivier Kaye has  more than one talents. He loves music, he likes to perform on stage, he loves books and food and soon he will be a primary school teacher.

Olivier Kaye (25 years) is a self-taught singer from a non-musician family. He first participated in village singing competitions and afterwards in larger events.

In 2010, with the choir La Petite Marie from Harzé, he took part in two events: ”I Muvrini et les 500 Choristes” and ”Les Fous Chantants d’Alès” alongside Patrick Fiori and Anggun, directed by Jacky Locks. The same year, in parallel with the choir, he started solo and enrolled in the castings of X Factor and The Voice Belgium. He got selected for the fifth season of The Voice Belgium at the age of 22 and reached the final in Quentin Mosimann’s team in April 2016. Later, he was expected to be the Belgian candidate for the Eurovision 2017 in Kiev. Blanche would eventually be the representative of the country.

During the year 2017 he also had the chance to work with artists such as : Aleksander Rybak, PUGGY, Quentin Mosimann, Ashley Hicklin, Alex Germys, Nicolas Dorian, Pat Lemoine. In addition, he participated in the show Talents Sing Eurovision alongside Sandra Kim, Johnny Logan, Tom Dice and former talents from the The Voice Belgium.

After all that he decided to devote himself to music and joined the IMEP (Higher Institute of Music and Pedagogy) in Namur in the section Pop Chant directed by Nicolas Dorian. He takes part in his first musical ”EnChanté” and lately ”Hercule: Le Destin d’un Dieu”, which has notably been played at the Theatre of Liege and the Studio des Arts Vivants of Casablanca. To reinforce his acting qualities, he follows drama coaching sessions with Dominique Renkens and William Clobus.

He has also put his voice on the title Imagine in collaboration with Stepanov & Bougini. Thanks to his personal experience and various internships during his studies of Social Sciences and Education and studies in French as foreign language, he will find out his qualities of animator in singing and music lessons. These skills will be used in theme courses at the Studio Créa, a school of performing arts for children from 3 to 15. During that year, he will have the chance to join the group With Us and to perform for private events as well as various shows.

In July 2018, Olivier and the troupe of ”Hercule: Le Destin d’un Dieu” performed on the stage of the Cinévox Theater for a series of performances at the Festival Off in Avignon. Currently, he’s trying to create a musical show for children and some other projects are coming soon.

Golden Stag trivia questions

How and when did you discover your passion for music?

My passion for music has existed since my childhood. I did a lot of things that kept me busy: football, cycling, archery, … But the singing has always been there. When I was on The Voice, I really knew that I wanted to do that with my life. Music takes a huge place and contributes to my well being. It’s also a way to share emotions with other people.

Define your musical style in one phrase.

I don’t have a specific style, I like to sing everything. Music is universal and so varied. I like to touch everything and put my curiosity to the service of art.

Favorite musicians …

I don’t have a favourite artist, but if I have to name someone it has to be Peter Cincotti. His music captivates me and gives me special feelings.

What do you prefer to read/ eat/do in your spare time?

I like to read everything. When I was younger I like to read the stories on vampires! Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Dracula,. I loved reading teenage books at school, epistolary novels, fantastic stories et.

I like to eat, I love food, but I do not get fat! I eat everything but I do not like chicory, Brussels sprouts or coconut. I must have several favorite dishes but I never manage to decide!

In my free time, I read, listen to music, I play sports, I go for a walk alone, with my friends or my dog, I watch TV series. I like making montages on the computer, I like to make people laugh with my nonsense. I also like drawing.

If not a singer, then you would be a …

I like to travel, I would like to travel even more! I like children, I study to be a primary school teacher.

How do you define happiness?

I would define happiness as a state of mind. I think that happiness is chosen and we must give ourselves the means to achieve it. For me, being on stage, singing, playing, meeting the public is happiness. Just like small daily gestures: to meet around a drink with friends, it’s happiness. To have a laugh with your best friend is happiness. To see a child smile is happiness. There are many simple things that contribute to happiness.

Your motto for this Festival.

My motto would be: Success is a journey, not a destination. Another would be: The best way to spread happiness is to share it with another person.